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Harvesting Success with Our Guidance

At JADE, our expertise lies in aiding and guiding small to medium-sized businesses in thriving within a highly competitive landscape. The assurance of having a trusted advisor to shape your opinions and guide your decisions not only provides peace of mind in choosing the right path but also stands as a proven strategy for propelling your business towards greater success and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Strategic Planning

Developing long-term business strategies and short-term action plans to achieve specific goals and objectives.

Advisory Boards

Leverage the skills and knowledge of advisors who have the practical experience in growing a business.

Leadership Mentoring

Distinguish your business through nurturing leadership talent with shared knowledge, skills, and experience.

Performance Peer Groups

Join a group of like-minded individuals from similar businesses to expand your horizons and question assumptions in a supportive environment.

Distribution Strategy

Craft a strategy to navigate your current channel or enter a new market amid the disruptive digital era.

Organizational Planning

Align your organization to empower growth through optimal structure, and leverage people for maximum advantage in suitable roles.


News and Industry Insights

Mentorship Can Improve Your Leadership And Make Your Organization More Productive

Senior leaders can introduce young professionals to networks that can open new doors, enhancing opportunities for upward mobility.

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10 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Consider Joining A Peer Advisory Board

Many members join peer advisory groups because they believe it can help them bring more value to their company.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Joining a Peer Group

How joining a Peer Group can provide you with the opportunity to develop and sustain your leadership system by proving you a safe space for learning, collaboration and accountability.

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Why SMEs Need Strategic Planning?

There is a misconception that strategy planning is ONLY for large organizations, and that small businesses don’t need it.

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4 Ways Ag Peer Groups Help Producers

Some of the best advice comes from those who have stood in your boots

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From Challenges to Triumphs: Agriculture in Action

Claas Tractor: Fueling Agricultural Success - A Real-Life Case Study

Dive into the story of a farm that achieved significant fuel savings and increased productivity with the adoption of Claas tractors, highlighting the impact of innovative farm equipment.

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Claas Combine Revolutionizes Harvest: A Case Study in Efficiency

Explore how a farm dramatically improved its harvest efficiency and yield by integrating Claas combines into their operations, showcasing the power of cutting-edge agricultural machinery.

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Here to help you navigate your path

Leif Magnusson
Founder - JADE Business Advisors

Leif Magnusson, the founder of JADE, is a seasoned executive in the manufacturing and distribution of off-road heavy equipment with 35 years of experience. He's known for his strategic planning, leadership mentoring, and helping small to medium companies gain a competitive edge.

Leif's global perspective, gained through assignments and residence in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and the U.S., adds to his expertise. He has a track record of growing revenue and profit, developing leaders, and restructuring go-to-market tactics in roles with CLAAS and Komatsu Forest.

Leif has also been involved in leadership roles and board assignments with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) where he served as Chair in 2016. Leif is recognized for his collaborative and democratic leadership style marked by honesty and integrity.


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